Dump your cards and send us all the images. We will choose the best of the best images and / or just narrow then down to a specific amount for your clients.

Then depending on your post-processing  needs we will edit the images to your specific style, edit them in Lightroom and/or Photoshop and send you back either a Lightroom Catalog or JPG images, the preference is yours.


We offer our standard color adjustment, which includes, basic adjustments of white balance, color, contrast, exposure, saturation, etc. 

Additionally, if you wish, we can also process simple black & whites. If you have a specific Lightroom  Preset that you love to use send it over to us. We can apply that preset to your images OR we can also chat about making a special Lightroom preset for you. Our goal is make your images look presentable

 for your client.


Photoshop editing consist of advanced photoshop manipulation, skin retouching & blemish removal, dodging & burning, or enhancing images to give it that certain "Pop". 


Perfect for Senior & Boudoir photographers. We understand that you are the artist and you have  worked hard to develop that specific look. Therefore, you own your unique style. We want to do our  best to match it. If you use specific color toning/actions let us know send them over. We can video chat and nail your style.

P S. Don't worry your editing secrets are safe with us.


Do you like culling your own images but hate the editing? You cull and we edit to your specific style. Send us the top 100 images and we will edit them to your specific style. 

PORTRAIT EDIT w/ Masking & Spot Removal -$65

This is ideal for Senior Photographers who want their portraits enhanced with masking (Iris enhancement, skin softening) & need blemishes, stray hairs and other spots removed from their client gallery. Send us the top 100 images and we will edit them to your specific style. 


Just want to photograph? Send us all the images! We will cull to the top 60 - 100 images and we will 

edit them to your specific style. 




The wedding is over. You download your cards and select your favorites. Send us the top 800 images and we will edit them to your specific style.


Just want to photograph the wedding? Send us all the images! We will cull the wedding to the top 800 images and edit them to your specific style. 



This is an optional add-on to any catalog. Includes blemish/spot removal, teeth whitening, and 

skin corrections. 


Have more images you want to give to your client? No Problem! Any extra images can be included. 

Masking & Spot Removal - $20/100 Images

Add Masking and Spot removal to any gallery. Iris enhancement, skin softening, blemish removal, stray hair etc.


PS MANIPULATION - $5/image -

Advanced Photo Manipulation. Head swapping, cleaning backgrounds.

It took me so long to let go of the editing. But now that I have, it’s freed up so much time for me. And, if there’s something that doesn’t make you money, why not give it to people who do it better.
— Tracy
My business has grown exponentially because of outsourcing to Amber. Letting go of editing has been a huge push forward for me because I’m not culling and editing late into the night. This has really pushed my business forward. I am doing things that I actually love and at the same time I am growing my business.
— Andi
My life has become so much easier after hiring Amber to do my post processing. I had to learn that it’s still my work. I still have full control. This is absolutely what was best for me and my business. It’s insane how much Amber has changed my life, and I am absolutely grateful.
— Natalie