The Pava Family | Queen Creek Arizona Photographers | Family Portraits

May 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Swooning over these photographs this afternoon. I spent the morning photographing this beautiful family! Thank you Crystal for not only your friendship but for the pleasure of capturing your family doing what they do best, loving immensely!

2015.05.23 Pava Family-6_WEB2015.05.23 Pava Family-6_WEB 2015.05.23 Pava Family-8_WEB2015.05.23 Pava Family-8_WEB 2015.05.23 Pava Family-16_WEB2015.05.23 Pava Family-16_WEB 2015.05.23 Pava Family-19_WEB2015.05.23 Pava Family-19_WEB 2015.05.23 Pava Family-4_WEB2015.05.23 Pava Family-4_WEB 2015.05.23 Pava Family-14_WEB2015.05.23 Pava Family-14_WEB 2015.05.23 Pava Family-23_WEB2015.05.23 Pava Family-23_WEB 2015.05.23 Pava Family-31_WEB2015.05.23 Pava Family-31_WEB 2015.05.23 Pava Family-53_WEB2015.05.23 Pava Family-53_WEB 2015.05.23 Pava Family-48_WEB2015.05.23 Pava Family-48_WEB 2015.05.23 Pava Family-34_WEB2015.05.23 Pava Family-34_WEB 2015.05.23 Pava Family-43_WEB2015.05.23 Pava Family-43_WEB 2015.05.23 Pava Family-64_WEB2015.05.23 Pava Family-64_WEB 2015.05.23 Pava Family-58_WEB2015.05.23 Pava Family-58_WEB 2015.05.23 Pava Family-54_WEB2015.05.23 Pava Family-54_WEB


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