Pierce Maternity | Queen Creek Arizona | San Tan Mountains

September 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The San Tan Mountains blessed us with an amazing sunset tonight. The perfect setting to capture this radiant mama who's beauty shines from the inside out! We just love the Pure Joy in this mama!

2015.09.22 Kim Maternity-3_WEB2015.09.22 Kim Maternity-3_WEB 2015.09.22 Kim Maternity-5_WEB2015.09.22 Kim Maternity-5_WEB 2015.09.22 Kim Maternity-6_WEB2015.09.22 Kim Maternity-6_WEB 2015.09.22 Kim Maternity-21_WEB2015.09.22 Kim Maternity-21_WEB 2015.09.22 Kim Maternity-15_WEB2015.09.22 Kim Maternity-15_WEB 2015.09.22 Kim Maternity-8_WEB2015.09.22 Kim Maternity-8_WEB 2015.09.22 Kim Maternity-23_WEB2015.09.22 Kim Maternity-23_WEB 2015.09.22 Kim Maternity-28_WEB2015.09.22 Kim Maternity-28_WEB 2015.09.22 Kim Maternity-37_WEB2015.09.22 Kim Maternity-37_WEB 2015.09.22 Kim Maternity-36_WEB2015.09.22 Kim Maternity-36_WEB

It took some bribery and convincing but finally at the very end of our session together these girls let us capture one of the last moments this mama will be the mama of just girls.

2015.09.22 Kim Maternity-29_WEB2015.09.22 Kim Maternity-29_WEB



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